There are more than 4,000 security solutions out there. Are you sure you picked the right one?

Some organizations have more than 80 security products in production; others have just a few. But research shows that two-thirds of organizations large and small use less than 50% of the functionality in the security products they own.

Cyvatar eliminates the need for multiple point products and delivers the technical skills required to ensure security tools are tuned correctly and working at maximum functionality. Only Cyvatar has the professional acumen necessary to ensure that every customer realizes the business, compliance, and technology outcomes necessary to stay relevant and competitive in their industry.

Cybersecurity is a business decision.

A strong security posture is more than just your technology investments. Whether you need to meet intricate compliance requirements to satisfy a customer and grow sales, remediate after a breach, prevent future incursions, or respond to a third-party risk assessment, we help you achieve outcomes quickly, without the noise, complexity, or hurdles in traditional security approaches. Working with Cyvatar can boost top-line growth while protecting the bottom line.

Disrupting traditional security approaches.

At Cyvatar, we live our values and we stand behind our programs. We promise:

You'll never be told to buy products, or to hire more people, you don't need.

We'll ensure you make the right security investments and gain the functionality and value you need from them.

Maintainable and sustainable business, compliance, and technology outcomes.




Rooted in our ICARM Methodology

Cyvatar’s proprietary ICARM (installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, maintenance) methodology delivers smarter, measurable security solutions and enables businesses to achieve security compliance and cyber-attack protection faster and more efficiently.

Don't waste time worrying where to start with your security program, we'll build you a customized roadmap to success.

Too many vendors stop at assessment, Cyvatar goes further, remediating and maintaining your environments in record time.

Your business will meet and maintain compliance standards such as CIS 20, NIST and SOC2.

Communicate security in business language with executive-level reporting and real-time dashboards.

“As a longtime builder of successful security programs, I understand the difficulty many organizations face trying to get all the tools in their security stack to work together effectively and provide sufficient risk controls,” said Al Valerio, head of IT and cybersecurity at Virtualitics. “Cyvatar’s all-in-one offering gave us a comprehensive security framework--not just a few pieces--enabling us to remediate vulnerabilities in record time, achieve synergy among all of our security tools, maintain compliance standards required by our government customers, and reduce user friction. If it weren’t for Cyvatar’s vision and execution, completing our mission quickly and within budget would have been impossible.”

Al Valerio, Head of IT & Cybersecurity, Virtualitics

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

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